10 Top reasons to not Move to Melbourne

10 Top reasons to not Move to Melbourne

5- Venue

It isn’t just Australia is actually quite a distance clear of countless other countries, but also acquiring about within Aussie-land is tough since there are a€?not sufficient gas stations either.a€?

6- Health Care

Our health care system is interesting and tooth overhead nuts. Wishing time are way too prolonged; be prepared to hold off all-night at ER. And, as stated by Fred, a€?Some small services centers have reached level with creating places.a€?

7- Roadways

Negative, bad, bad roadways! Roundabouts wherever, also from the highways. It is vital that you come visit his own site only if to discover more regarding our horrible roads. When he claims a€?I have come across more effective roadways in numerous spots except Srilanka!a€?

8- Training

Schools were general public and everyone studies free of charge, seemingly. Nonetheless not so great is because they commonly safe and, as indicated by Fred, you’ll probably become raped at night. That leads us to my own much-loved price with this one. a€?Of training course there is absolutely no punishment or legislation.a€?

9- Construction

Worst, awful, negative homes! Properties were outdated and defectively preserved because individuals choose to spend their funds on beverage as an alternative. But that is maybe not the real challenge with houses. No. There exists a government conspiracy. As indicated by Fred a€?Actually the federal government forbids brand new complexes so as to maintain rate high, even so the top quality drops!a€?

There is lots additional information on Freda€™s webpages the property, i recognize We have currently claimed make sure you go to his web site if only to discover more about the awful roads. These days now I am thinking, maybe you should best come visit his website to learn about the horrible cover.

Hey! Why-not come visit his own website to know about both?

10- Crime

In Australia, young adults battle aged someone at all times. Actually a danger to get away at nighttime. These youngsters receive money directly from the government. Incase you might think everything sounds horrifying enough, as Fred states, a€?There isn’t criminal arrest, no the law, almost nothing!a€?

So there you really have they. 10 logic behind why to not ever transfer to Queensland in accordance with Fred. I dona€™t agree with any kind of they. However, I think Freda€™s web site can be as witty as any Ia€™ve enjoyed. And so I say thank you to him to make myself laugh.

But this only incredibly quick overview of their 10 factors; Fred leaves they a whole lot a lot better than i actually do. We highly suggest an individual pop to his or her website and bring a few momemts to learn and eat up almost everything.

Fred also offers a bonus 11th reason that we wona€™t present below. So why not check-out choose NotAustralia ?


Pointless in pressing that connect any longer, Freds site is taken down because offers. Latest energy I was able to click on through, I bet below messagea€¦

a€?Wea€™re sorry, website was suspended. When you are this site proprietor, kindly contact the use employees in regards to the position of your internet site.a€?

Appears we werena€™t the only real people that determine Freds viewpoints offensive

Herea€™s their training video:

Inform 2: Fred got rid of their movie from Myspace and defined the reason in a reply to this really web page. You can observe that remark around below, an extended good way below, underneath all the other yummy remarks. Look for one by Fred at some point in Summer 2014.

Currently, for those of you exactly who cana€™t sleep at night concerned exactly what that 11th added bonus need got https://www.datingmentor.org/escort/toledo/, Ia€™m likely reprint it below.

From Your currently removed Not Australia web site, this amounts all of it upwards reallya€¦

11- reward reason!

Nearly all of Australian Continent try dried out there are lots of shrub fireplaces and house fire. An added explanation might be extraordinarily high-intensity of sun irradiation making it feel like this danger even bigger. Sandstorms originate the wasteland as well.


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